The Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization formed in 1982, for the purpose of promoting tourism in the Maldives.



Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) is an NGO, which has been established since the introduction of Tourism Industry in Maldives. Three decades of MATI’s service has been provided to almost all the travel and tourism related issues which arise in Maldives. MATI coordinates with government and liaise with the organizations locally and internationally to solidify their member’s services and operations in the Tourism sector.

The Association coordinates with all mandatory government policy making bodies and organizations, to take part in all the related activities of the MATI members. The Association fosters its existence throughout these years by engaging in these activities by being active on research based works, as well as promoting and raising awareness on behalf of the association members.

MATI raises its concerns over government policies for the members as well as the Tourism industry as a whole. The association represents the industry and its employees internationally and locally by attending different seminars, organizing and providing research and professional consultation to the needed bodies.

Development & planning of tourism

The Association with collaboration of the Tourism Ministry and with its members has been conducting marketing and promotional development researches and plans which is vital for the Industry. MATI has a strong guidance in the stages of different planning projects and produced critical strategies for effective destination marketing for the industry and their members.

Maintaining quality & standards

A core vision of the association is to adapt the association with the changing needs of the stakeholders in the tourism industry of Maldives. MATI works toward to educate the public and themembers on issues which are largely misunderstood and miscommunicated in the industry. With these visions in mind MATIcontinuously work towards to maintain and improve the Quality and Standard of the industry and the members. The association moderates different tourism related issues, projects and plans for themembers as well as others with thestrong expertise.

Education & Training

One of the main scopes of MATI is to upgrade and improve member’s skills to fit the need for the growing industry. Employment and income generation from tourism for women in rural areas is a focal point of the association. Providing craft and vocational skills, Empower women in tourism and hospitality industry, by creating training programs for them and helping in improving their skillset to meet the demands of the services and professionally oriented sector. The association also tries to eventually minimize and replace the number of expatriate workers in tourism with trained professional Maldivians who can choose clear career pathways in the Tourism Industry.

Environment & Culture

MATI, with the interest of its members, as a cooperation works towards to the sustainability of the Tourism industry as a whole with respective regards to the environment. The Association contributes to the conservation of the bio-diversity and the preservation of the culture and traditions. The association helps its members in planning proper implementations on the sustainable methods for heritage and its environment.  MATI additionally assists its members in finding new funding opportunities for the environment related tourism projects. As well the association supports development of sustainable tourism products by the local stakeholders.