• Memo regarding Chinese Travel Advisory March 7, 2018

    We have been advised that the Chinese Travel Advisory has been Partially lifted. Furthermore, the Travel advisory will be removed entirely once the SOE has been lifted

    The concerns of the industry have been raised on behalf of our members to the respective authorities and we are pleased to see that progress has been made through the efforts of our Chairman working together with the Minister of Tourism in order to ensure that any further impact is minimized .

    For more information visit the link below

    Chinese Travel Advisory 

  • Influenza Precautions for staffs March 20, 2017


    88-IIHR-CIR-2017-71.pdf (178 downloads)


    Infuenza-FAQ-English.pdf (190 downloads)


    Influenza-FAQ-Dhivehi1.pdf (178 downloads)
  • 27th Annual General Meeting on 8th February 2017 January 19, 2017

    27th AGM Notice

  • Maldives Lifts State of Emergency November 10, 2015

    The president of the Maldives  lifted the state of emergency effective from 5pm Today (10November 2015) .

    The Foreign Ministry of Maldives issued a statement Today stating that the government has lifted the state of emergency “with immediate effect.”

    “With the lifting of the state of emergency, all fundamental rights that were suspended have been restored,”

  • 2015 AGM Chairman’s Statement March 3, 2015


    Honorable MATI members, Ladies and Gentlemen

    Let me again welcome you to our 25th Annual General Meeting of MATI. It is perhaps fitting that we are meeting early this year in a time where the industry is facing challenges due to the decline of certain markets and currencies.
    We have seen a very different start to 2015 in respect to market trends and booking patterns. Arrival numbers for the destination have decreased for January 2015 compared to January 2014. I believe that many of us have, or will be facing this challenge in the months to come. This is obviously not being helped by the knock-on effect from the currency exchange.
    We are still fortunate that despite changes in flight patterns we continue to see stability in some of our core European markets. Moreover, we see that China remains strong which is also a positive, but we accept that we cannot expect the same growth that we have seen in the previous years.
    We believe it is of utmost importance to keep our focus on supporting both established markets and new and developing segments. It is therefore vital that we continue, as a destination, to market and promote the Maldives continuously throughout this year especially in the light of the current downturn. We must urge the Government and MMPRC to participate and find opportunities and additional activities this year and to bear in mind that we are competing internationally against other strong destinations, which are in many cases more visible in the market that we are in.
    We will also see the likely introduction of Green Tax. While we are again having to face the introduction of a new tax, we hope and urge the government to address some of the key environmental issues that we have raised over and again.
    Our Secretary General will in his speech highlight some of the activities that we MATI undertaken this year including the development and launch of a new site which we will be continuing to work on throughout this coming year.

    I wish you all the best for this year and thank you for your continued support.

  • 25th Annual General Meeting on 17th February 2015 February 8, 2015

    AGM Amended Notice